4 Must Have Business Intelligence Analyst Skills!

Professions in the IT world within a company are currently quite sought after and in demand, one of which is a Business Intelligence Analyst. Then, what are the duties of this profession and what skills are required of a Business Intelligence Analyst? Find the answer in the following explanation!



news.dolanyok.com – Business Intelligence Analyst can be interpreted as a profession that deals with data analysis. In other words, a BI must be able to analyze data that can be used as information and knowledge. This information and knowledge is used as a reference in driving business value in a company.

For example, BI must be able to make the data and information obtained for marketing and financial needs. They also make what method to use based on existing market trends. Therefore, it is not surprising that the profession of a BI has a fantastic salary range. This is due to their large duties and responsibilities because the results they analyze become material for company leaders in making decisions.


In daily practice, a BI works in a structured and systematic way. They work based on a well-organized flow, from collecting data, storing, to analyzing data. Here’s the complete workflow of a BI.

Collect intelligence data from various sources, including company reports, public information, field data, and data related to purchases. Likewise in terms of updating technology trends that are widely used in the market today to collect data related to consumers and the market.

After the data is collected, a Business Intelligence Analyst stores the data in a company computer database. At this stage, periodic updates are required. In addition, it is also necessary to have well-established operational procedures to support the use of software and other programs.

The next process is to analyze the existing data. The purpose of this process is to identify current market developments and trends, including their impact on the company’s strategy.

Then, the process will continue with the use and implementation of the data and information that has been analyzed earlier in a strategy, both to increase revenue and to develop the company’s market share.

Finally, a Business Intelligence Analyst will summarize and evaluate the strategies implemented earlier. This evaluation is important because it is directly related to communication between the company and consumers and related parties.


As mentioned above, the salary of a Business Intelligence Analyst is quite large. In order to become a professional BI, besides having a recognized certification, there are also several skills that must be mastered, including the following.


The first skill or ability that a BI must have is coding language. This capability is needed to create a system and assist the process of data analysis. Likewise monitoring the main aspects of the business. Examples of coding languages that are often used include Python, Java, and ‘R’.


Furthermore, the ability to visualize data describes a data, starting to make graphics or other forms of visualization related to data so that even ordinary people can easily understand it. Data visualization that companies need to learn and need, for example Tableau and Power BI. If you have these two skills, list them in your work portfolio.


As a Business Intelligence Analyst, you will be dealing with data all the time. Here, you are required to have the skills to process and manage data. To make it easier and more efficient, usually a BI will use tools, such as Excel and SQL.


Not only knowing about systems and networks, another ability that a BI must have is an understanding of business and finance, as well as the ability to communicate. With coherent and understandable communication, creating a strategy will be easier to implement.


From the above review, it can be concluded that a Business Intelligence Analyst has an important role in a company. With great responsibility, the salary of this profession is also promising in the future. If you want to pursue this profession, prepare from now.

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