The 8 Most Used Business Intelligence Tools 2023

To run a business, especially in companies, it is necessary to monitor accurately related to business performance using business intelligence tools. For this reason, companies usually need a business intelligence.

Business Intelligence or abbreviated as BI is a term that refers to a profession and activity that exists in a company with the responsibility of finding the right method of analyzing information related to the business being run by the company.

So a business intelligence relies heavily on existing data. From analyzing the data, a BI will find new opportunities and breakthroughs to further develop his business

The Role of Business Intelligence in a Company


The role of a BI in a company is arguably very important, here are other functions of a BI in a company that you need to know:

1. Knowing the Performance and Achievements in a Certain Period.

Companies, of course, must know about the achievements that have been achieved and those that have not been achieved in their business and also know how their performance is in a certain period of time. Therefore, BI will help in analyzing it will usually use business intelligence tools to help it work.

2. Identifying Problems Early on

BI is also able to identify problems from the start before the problem becomes very big. Because the problems being handled are still at an early stage and tend to be small, of course the problems will be easily resolved. With the help of business intelligence with the profession, the problems experienced by companies can handle these problems.

The function of the Analytics Tools used by a BI (business Intelligence)

As already explained, business intelligence is a job that is responsible for the company to find out information about the performance and work results of a company in a certain period of time.

Don’t use the manual way to do it because now there are tools that will help in the work of becoming a BI. Every tool used can be easily used and accessed either offline or using the internet.

These tools function only to assist you in carrying out a task from BI. For the rest, you still have to be able to master a number of skills that must be possessed by BI besides using business intelligence tools.

1. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

The first skill that needs to be mastered is Microsoft Excel, because this application is useful for helping someone manage company data. Not only that, if you have mastered business intelligence tools, you will know how excel can present and visualize data very easily.

Mastering Microsoft Excel is the most basic thing that must be known by a BI in a company. If you already master Excel, then learning other business intelligence tools will be easier

2. SQL


The next skill that needs attention when becoming a BI is SQL (Structured Query Language). SQL is usually very much needed by large companies using SQL.

With this you can still edit, read and delete it and even manipulate existing data. This data manipulation is also known as CRUD.

8 Business Intelligence Tools recommendations that must be mastered

Looking for tools that are suitable for use in company data analysis activities. You can consider some of the BI tools below that can be used to help you manage and analyze company data.

1. Sisense


Sisense is a tool that can be used to analyze data in business. Sisense is very user friendly and can be used easily so that anyone can use it.

Even though Sisense can be used easily, it can help you manage large and complex data and help you visualize the data without having to employ an IT department who will usually help visualize the data.

Sisense is called one of the best platforms and is recognized as the business intelligence tool for analysis chosen by experts from Gartner, G2, and dressner.

2. Lookers


Looker is a tool that should not be missed because Looker is already a part of Google Cloud. Looker is a tool that can be used by BI which is quite unique because it has been integrated with SQL databases.

It can be used by various types of companies and businesses that they run, from startup companies, medium to high-end businesses.

Another benefit of this business intelligence tool is that it has other benefits from starting to help visualize data practically, and has complete features.

3. Tableau


This tool can be used for data discovery and easy visualization, this software can be used in intelligence business analysis and also visualize and share it easily with related parties.

There is no need to need help from the IT department to assist in visualizing the data that has been obtained so that it can be read more easily by the parties involved.

4. Datapine


Datapine is one of the most active tools in facilitating people to analyze the data they have obtained. This can be one of the solutions that can be made for companies.

5. MicroStrategy


Looking for tools that have powerful and high-speed data analysis and dashboards you can use microstrategy. In addition, this Microstrategy is already connected to Google Cloud.

6. SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects

Just like other tools, SAP helps you analyze, generate reports, and statistical data and visualization can be done using only one platform.

The focus of this SAP is user experience or User Experience as well as digital troop chains and much more. Another advantage of SAP is the role-based dashboard which allows users to build their own dashboard according to their individual needs.

7. SAS Business Intelligence

SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence

The most popular of these SAS is its offering of providing a highly sophisticated predictive analytics platform. Apart from that, SAS also provides excellent and powerful business intelligence tools.

8. Yellowfin


Have you ever heard of one of these tools, yellowfit is used as a business tool and combines data analysis and visualization efforts because Yellowfin has its own format.

The role of a business intelligence is very important in a company, especially in helping to develop the business properly at the right time. Therefore, to become a BI, you must also know about business intelligence tools and know them.


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